Why Choose Us?

Owners, Jim Rice and Ernesto Sepulveda

Our family wants to thank you for considering our company. We know that choosing a construction contractor can be stressful and confusing. We would like to answer any questions you may have and we want you to know why you should choose us over any other construction contractor out there. If you take a few minutes here, you’ll learn how we have become the contractor of choice for over 8,000 construction and remodel jobs over the last four decades.

Over 40 years in business!

John Forest Rice, Original Forest Construction

We are a small business and family owned and operated. Jim Rice took over this business from his father, John Forest Rice, in 1976, who had run the business successfully since 1949. Jim has guided the business with the best advice his father gave to him, “A good name is much more valuable than gold.” Jim has practiced that motto and passed the same advice, and a wealth of knowledge, down to his son-in-law, Ernesto Sepulveda, who has been with the Forest Construction since 2002 and is now President of the company. We are proud of our people, the business and the success we have had in making so many happy customers.

When you come in, ask us for a referral list of REPEAT CUSTOMERS and we’ll show you a large notebook full of them.

We guarantee our work

Forest Construction has a solid reputation for standing behind their work. Every step of the design process gets your stamp of approval to ensure the final result pleases you. All work is done according to current building codes, with permits and inspections as required. Once your work is complete, you’ll receive warranties and guarantees on both materials and workmanship. We want to make sure you are satisfied and eager to recommend Forest Construction to your friends and associates. We keep all construction information for your project for ten years. If there is a warranty issue or problem of any kind, we have the information we need to take care of you.

Affordable construction services

Many people want to know how competitively we have priced our construction services. We work hard to keep our rates as affordable as possible without cutting corners that wind up costing you more in the long run. We simply could not be successful by being too expensive or too cheap. If we were the cheapest, we wouldn’t have lasted for over 40 years. If we were too expensive we wouldn’t have the thousands of happy customers, most of which have come from referrals.

In-house design drawings and drafting

Over the years, we have built relationships with many interior designers, developers and architects who love the fact that we can create and help getting any detail needed drawn in-house. Rather than outsourcing your design drawings, we can produce them in-house for you. This gives you much faster service, and allows for edits and modifications on the fly. When firms outsource this service, your costs can be higher. We help keep your costs down by doing this work for you.

Dedication to details and high quality construction

Whether you are having your kitchen remodeled or a new custom home, we really focus on the details. Our construction designers and builders are true craftsmen. We know that the details are what is important to our customers.

Walk in to our offices 5 days a week and showrooms 6 days a week

There are very few construction companies with a physical office where you can stop by and speak with staff. We have our main office in Somis and we have a showroom that you can visit in Westlake Village and (www.showcasekitchensandbaths.com). By making ourselves available to our customers, we greatly improve our service. Many of our customers come in to review plans, go over designs and speak with our personnel about the progress and expectations of their project.